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Traceroute Module Usage


Due to the limited bandwidth of LoRa, Meshtastic does not keep track of the nodes a message used to hop to the destination. However, from firmware 2.0.8 on, there is a Traceroute Module that can show you this.

Only nodes that know the encryption key of the channel you use can be tracked. Also note that a message may arrive via multiple routes due to duplication because of rebroadcasting. This module will only track the hops of the first packet containing the traceroute request that arrived at the destination.

In order to use it, make sure your devices use firmware version 2.0.8 or higher.

Repeater Behavior

Repeater nodes will appear in the traceroute log if they have the encryption key, but if they are not in the node list they might appear as "Unknown" depending on the app.

Traceroute Module Client Availability


Make sure the CLI is at least version 2.0.6. Then use this command:

CLI traceroute command
meshtastic --traceroute 'destinationId'

Where for destinationId you have to fill in the ID of the destination you want to track the hops to, which you can get from running meshtastic --nodes. Depending on your OS, you might need quotation marks around the ID. Then it will send a specific message to track the hops. For example, this is what you will get:

Traceroute from !25048234 to !bff18ce4
meshtastic --traceroute '!bff18ce4'
Connected to radio
Sending traceroute request to !bff18ce4 (this could take a while)
Route traced:
!25048234 --> !ba4bf9d0 --> !bff18ce4

The first ID shown is the device you are connected to with the CLI. As you can see, this packet went through one other node to get to its destination.