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Ambient Lighting Module Usage

The Ambient Lighting Module has settings for control of onboard LEDs and allows users to adjust the brightness levels and respective color levels. Initially created for the RAK14001 RGB LED module using the NCP5623 with I2C. Config options are: LED State, Current, Red Level, Green Level, and Blue Level.

In order to use this module, make sure your devices have firmware version 2.2.5 or higher.

Ambient Lighting Config Values

LED State

Sets the LED to on or Off


Sets the current for the LED output. Default is 10.


Sets the red LED level. Values are 0-255.


Sets the green LED level. Values are 0-255.


Sets the blue LED level. Values are 0-255.

Ambient Lighting Module Client Availability



All Ambient Lighting Module config options are available in the python CLI version 2.2.3 and higher.

Example commands are below:

Set the LED to on or off
meshtastic --set ambient_lighting.led_state 1
meshtastic --set ambient_lighting.led_state 0
Set the led current to 5
meshtastic --set ambient_lighting.current 5
Set the red LED brightness to 103
meshtastic --set 103
Set the green brightness to 234
meshtastic --set 234
Set the blue LED brightness to 148
meshtastic --set 148
Get the Ambient Lighting Module Configuration
meshtastic --get ambient_lighting