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Paxcounter Module Usage

The Paxcounter module counts the number of people passing by a specific area by scanning for WiFi and BLE MAC addresses. It is commonly used in retail stores, museums, and other public spaces to monitor foot traffic and gather valuable data for analysis.

In order to use this module, make sure your devices have firmware version 2.2.17 or higher.


This module can only be used with ESP32 devices. To operate the Paxcounter Module, it is mandatory to switch off both WiFi and Bluetooth in your Network and Bluetooth settings.

Paxcounter Module Config Values


Whether the Module is enabled.

Update Interval

The interval in seconds of how often we can send a message to the mesh when a state change is detected.

Paxcounter Module Client Availability



All Paxcounter Module config options are available in the python CLI version 2.2.16 and higher.

Example commands are below:

Enable/Disable the Paxcounter Module
meshtastic --set paxcounter.enabled true
meshtastic --set paxcounter.enabled false
Set the Minimum Broadcast Interval to 900 seconds
meshtastic --set paxcounter.paxcounter_update_interval 900
Get the Paxcounter Module Configuration
meshtastic --get paxcounter