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Detection Sensor Module Usage

The Detection Sensor module allows you to configure a GPIO pin to be monitored for a specified high/low status and send text alerts over the Detection Sensor portnum when an event is detected. This is particularly useful for motion detection sensors, reed switches, and other open / closed state systems in which notifications over the mesh are desired. Config options are: Enabled, Minimum Broadcast Interval, State Broadcast Interval, Send Bell, Name, Monitor Pin, Detection Triggered High, and Use Pull-up.

In order to use this module, make sure your devices have firmware version 2.2.2 or higher.

Detection Sensor Module Config Values


Whether the Module is enabled.

Minimum Broadcast Interval

The interval in seconds of how often we can send a message to the mesh when a state change is detected.

State Broadcast Interval

The interval in seconds of how often we should send a message to the mesh with the current state regardless of changes, When set to 0, only state changes will be broadcasted, Works as a sort of status heartbeat for peace of mind.

Send Bell

Send ASCII bell with alert message. Useful for triggering ext. notification on bell name.

Friendly Name

Used to format the message sent to mesh. Example: A name "Motion" would result in a message "Motion detected". Maximum length of 20 characters.

Monitor Pin

The GPIO pin to monitor for state changes.

Detection Triggered High

Whether or not the GPIO pin state detection is triggered on HIGH (1), otherwise LOW (0).

Use Pull-up

Whether or not use INPUT_PULLUP mode for GPIO pin. Only applicable if the board uses pull-up resistors on the pin.

Detection Sensor Module Client Availability



All Detection Sensor Module config options are available in the python CLI version 2.2.2 and higher.

Example commands are below:

Enable/Disable the Detection Sensor Module
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.enabled true
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.enabled false
Set the Minimum Broadcast Interval to 90 seconds
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.minimum_broadcast_secs 90
Set the State Broadcast Interval to 5 minutes
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.state_broadcast_secs 300
Enable/Disable Send Bell
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.send_bell true
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.send_bell false
Set the friendly name to 'motion'
meshtastic --set "motion"
Set the Monitor Pin to 7
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.monitor_pin 7
Enable Notifications when the Monitor Pin goes HIGH
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.detection_triggered_high true
Enable Notifications when the Monitor Pin goes LOW
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.detection_triggered_high false
Enable the use INPUT_PULLUP mode
meshtastic --set detection_sensor.use_pullup true
Get the Detection Sensor Module Configuration
meshtastic --get detection_sensor