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Radio Configuration

There are several config sections in the Meshtastic firmware, these are broken out so they can be sent as small admin messages over the mesh.

BluetoothBluetooth config options are: Enabled, Pairing Mode and Fixed PIN.
ChannelsChannels config options are: Index, Role and Settings.
DeviceDevice config options are: Device Role, Serial Output, Debug Log and Factory Reset.
DisplayDisplay config options are: Screen On Duration, Auto Carousel Interval, Always Point North, and GPS Format.
LoRaThe LoRa config options are: Region, Modem Preset, Max Hops, Transmit Power, Bandwidth, Spread Factor, Coding Rate, Frequency Offset, Transmit Disabled and Ignore Incoming Array.
NetworkNetwork config options are: WiFi Enabled, WiFi SSID, WiFi PSK, WiFi Mode and NTP Server.
PositionPosition config options are: GPS Enabled, GPS Update Interval, GPS Attempt Time, Fixed Position, Smart Broadcast, Broadcast Interval and Position Packet Flags.
PowerPower config options are: Charge Current, Power Saving, Shutdown after losing power, ADC Multiplier Override Wait Bluetooth Interval, Light Sleep Interval and Minimum Wake Interval.
UserThe user config options are: Long Name, Short Name, and Is Licensed