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This project is still pretty young but moving at a pretty good pace. Not all features are fully implemented in the current alpha builds.

  • We don't make these devices and they haven't been tested by UL or the FCC. If you use them, you are experimenting and we can't promise they won't burn your house down ;-)
  • The encryption implementation is good but see this list of caveats to determine risks you might face.

Q: Do you have plans to commercialize this project

Nope. though if some other person/group wanted to use this software and a more customized device we think that would be awesome (as long as they obey the GPL license). See more details here.

Q: Does this project use patented algorithms?

(Kindly borrowed from the geeks at ffmpeg)

We do not know, we are not lawyers so we are not qualified to answer this. Also, we have never read patents to implement any part of this, so even if we were qualified we could not answer it as we do not know what is patented. Furthermore, the sheer number of software patents makes it impossible to read them all, so no one (lawyer or not) could answer such a question with a definite no. We are merely geeks experimenting on a fun and free project.