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Neighbor Info Module Usage

The Neighbor Info Module is for sending information on each node's 0-hop neighbors to the mesh. Config options are: Enabled and Update Interval.


Neighbor Info is informative only and does not affect the routing behavior of the mesh network. It is therefore optional and disabled by default.

In order to save bandwidth, Meshtastic does not keep track of the route a packet is taking to get to the destination, except when using Traceroute. When enabling this module, your node will periodically send out a packet with a list of its direct neighbors and the quality (SNR) of the corresponding link. If you enable this on all nodes, you can build up a graph of the full network to see how it is connected. At the time of writing, there are no clients visualizing it for you, but you can use e.g. MQTT to gather all the data.

In order to use it, make sure your devices use firmware version 2.2.0 or higher. From 2.3.2 on, the module can detect neighbors even if other nodes do not have the module enabled.

Neighbor Info Module Config Values


Enables the Neighbor Info Module.

Update Interval

How often the neighbor info is sent to the mesh.

Neighbor Info Module Client Availability


All Neighbor Info Module config options are available in the python CLI version 2.2.0 and higher.

Example commands are below:

Enable/Disable the Neighbor Info Module
meshtastic --set neighbor_info.enabled true
meshtastic --set neighbor_info.enabled false
Set the update interval to 10 minutes
meshtastic --set neighbor_info.update_interval 600
Get the Neighbor Info Module Configuration
meshtastic --get neighbor_info