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Network Configuration

The Network config options are: WiFi Enabled, WiFi SSID, WiFi PSK, Ethernet Enabled, IPv4 Networking Mode, Static Address and NTP Server. Network config uses an admin message sending a Config.Network protobuf.


Enabling WiFi will disable Bluetooth. Only one connection method will work at a time.

ESP32 devices have the ability to connect to WiFi as a client. SoftAP mode is not supported by the Meshtastic firmware.

Network Config Valuesโ€‹

NTP Serverโ€‹

The NTP server used if IP networking is available.

Set to by default. (Max Length: 33)

WiFi Enabledโ€‹

Enables or Disables WiFi.

Set to false (Disabled) by default.

WiFi SSIDโ€‹

This is your WiFi Networks SSID.

Empty "" by default. (Case Sensitive, Max Length: 33)

WiFi PSKโ€‹

This is your WiFi Networks password.

Empty "" by default. (Case Sensitive, Max Length: 64)

Ethernet Enabledโ€‹

Enables or Disables Ethernet.

Set to false (Disabled) by default.

IPv4 Networking Modeโ€‹

Set to DHCP by default. Change to STATIC to use a static IP address. Applies to both Ethernet and WiFi.

IPv4 Static Address configurationโ€‹

contains ip, gateway, subnet and dns server in case you want a static configuration.


The first time your device restarts after enabling WiFi or Ethernet, it will take an additional 20-30 seconds to boot. This is to generate self-signed SSL keys. The keys will be saved for future reuse.

Network Config Client Availabilityโ€‹


All Network config options are available in the python CLI.

SettingAcceptable ValuesDefault
network.wifi_enabledtrue, falsefalse

Because the device will reboot after each command is sent via CLI, it is recommended when setting multiple values in a config section that commands be chained together as one.

meshtastic --set network.wifi_enabled true --set network.wifi_ssid "my network" --set network.wifi_psk mypassword
Set NTP Server
meshtastic --set network.ntp_server ""
Enable / Disable WiFi
meshtastic --set network.wifi_enabled true
meshtastic --set network.wifi_enabled false

meshtastic --set network.wifi_ssid mynetwork
// With spaces
meshtastic --set network.wifi_ssid "my network"
Set WiFi password
meshtastic --set network.wifi_psk mypassword
// With spaces
meshtastic --set network.wifi_psk "my password"


WiFi Clientโ€‹

With network.wifi_ssid & network.wifi_psk populated, the device will know to connect to your network. Make sure you are in range of your WiFi. If you have a single Meshtastic device on your local network it's easy to connect to your device with DNS http://meshtastic.local. If you have multiple Meshtastic devices you will need to connect using their respective IP addresses.

If you have a screen attached to your device, the final page will display something similar to the following:

WiFi: Software AP (Admin)
IP: (0/4)
SSID: myNetwork
* * * * *

You should then be able to connect to the node using either the displayed IP address or the HTTP link.

Disable WiFiโ€‹

To disable WiFi completely, set network.wifi_enabled to false.