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Bluetooth Settings

The Bluetooth config options are: Enabled, Pairing Mode and Fixed PIN Value. Bluetooth config uses an admin message sending a Config.Bluetooth protobuf.


ESP32 Devices: Bluetooth will be disabled if WiFi is enabled. The WiFi setting takes precedence.

Bluetooth Config Values


Enables Bluetooth.

Pairing Mode

Specify pairing mode.

RANDOM_PIN generates a random PIN during runtime. FIXED_PIN uses the fixed PIN that should then be additionally specified. Finally, NO_PIN disables PIN authentication.

Default Pairing Mode

The default pairing mode will be determined based on whether the device has or does not have a screen attached to it during the first boot (or with a stale device state) unless manually configured via the Bluetooth config options.

  • Screen Attached: If your device boots up for the first time (or with a stale device state), and a screen is detected, the default pairing mode will be set to RANDOM_PIN. Should the attached screen be removed after the device has already been booted, the default pairing mode of RANDOM_PIN will remain unless manually changed to FIXED_PIN or NO_PIN. It is recommended the pairing mode be updated prior to removing the attached screen.
  • No Screen Attached: If your device boots up for the first time (or with a stale device state), and no screen is detected, the default paring mode will be set to FIXED_PIN with the default value listed below unless manually configured to a custom value.

Fixed PIN

If your pairing mode is set to FIXED_PIN, the default value is 123456. For all other pairing modes, this number is ignored. A custom integer (6 digits) can be set via the Bluetooth config options.


It is strongly recommended that you change the default FIXED_PIN code on your device. Leaving the default code in place can pose a significant security risk.

Bluetooth Config Client Availability



All Bluetooth config options are available in the python CLI. Example commands are below:

SettingAcceptable ValuesDefault
bluetooth.enabledtrue, falsetrue
bluetooth.fixedPininteger (6 digits)123456

Because the device will reboot after each command is sent via CLI, it is recommended when setting multiple values in a config section that commands be chained together as one.

meshtastic --set bluetooth.enabled true  --set bluetooth.fixed_pin 111111
Enable/Disable Bluetooth Module
meshtastic --set bluetooth.enabled true
meshtastic --set bluetooth.enabled false
Set a fixed pin
meshtastic --set bluetooth.mode FIXED_PIN
meshtastic --set bluetooth.fixed_pin 111111