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Display Configuration

The display config options are: Screen On Duration, Auto Carousel Interval, Always Point North, GPS Format, Preferred Display Units, OLED Definition, Display Mode, Heading Bold, and Wake on Tap or Motion. Display config uses an admin message sending a Config.Display protobuf.

Display Config Values

Screen On Duration

How long the screen remains on after the user button is pressed or messages are received.

Automatically toggles to the next page on the screen like a carousel, based on the specified interval.

Always Point North

If this is set, the compass heading on the screen outside of the circle will always point north. This feature is off by default and the top of display represents your heading direction, the North indicator will move around the circle.

GPS Format

The format used to display GPS coordinates on the device screen.

Acceptable values:

DECDecimal Degrees
DMSDegrees Minutes Seconds
UTMUniversal Transverse Mercator
MGRSMilitary Grid Reference System
OLCOpen Location Code (Plus Codes)
OSGROrdnance Survey Grid Reference

Preferred Display Units

Switch between METRIC (default) and IMPERIAL units

Flip Screen

If enabled, the screen will be rotated 180 degrees, for cases that mount the screen upside down

OLED Definition

The type of OLED Controller is auto-detected by default, but can be defined with this setting if the auto-detection fails. For the SH1107, we assume a square display with 128x128 Pixels like the GME128128-1.

Acceptable values:

OLED_AUTOAuto detect display controller
OLED_SSD1306Always use SSD1306 driver
OLED_SH1106Always use SH1106 driver
OLED_SH1107Always use SH1107 driver (Geometry 128x128)

Display Mode

The display mode can be set to DEFAULT (default), TWOCOLOR, INVERTED or COLOR. The TWOCOLOR mode is intended for OLED displays with the first line of output being a different color than the rest of the display. The INVERTED mode will invert that bicolor area, resulting in a white background headline on monochrome displays.

Heading Bold

The heading can be hard to read when 'INVERTED' or 'TWOCOLOR' display mode is used. This setting will make the heading bold, so it is easier to read.

Wake on Tap or Motion

This option enables the ability to wake the device screen when motion, such as a tap on the device, is detected via an attached accelerometer, or a capacitive touch button.

Display Config Client Availability



All display config options are available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS at Settings > Device Configuration > Display.