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LoRa Configuration

The LoRa config options are: Region, Modem Preset, Max Hops, Transmit Power, Bandwidth, Spread Factor, Coding Rate, Frequency Offset, Transmit Disabled and Ignore Incoming Array. LoRa config uses an admin message sending a Config.LoRa protobuf.

LoRa Config Values


It is very important that you set your device's lora_region setting. This will ensure that you are operating within the legal limits for your area.


Sets the region for your node. Default is unset.

Region CodeDescription
usUnited States
eu433European Union 433mhz
eu868European Union 868mhz
anzAustralia & New Zealand
nz865New Zealand 865mhz

Modem Preset

Max Hops

Transmit Power

If zero then, use default max legal continuous power (ie. something that won't burn out the radio hardware)

In most cases you should use zero here. Units are in dBm.


Bandwidth in MHz

Certain bandwidth numbers are 'special' and will be converted to the appropriate floating point value: 31 -> 31.25MHz

Spread Factor

A number from 7 to 12. Indicates the number of chirps per symbol as 1<<spread_factor.

Coding Rate

The denominator of the coding rate. ie for 4/8, the value is 8. 5/8 the value is 5.

Frequency Offset

This parameter is for advanced users with advanced test equipment, we do not recommend most users use it.

A frequency offset that is added to to the calculated band center frequency. Used to correct for crystal calibration errors.

Transmit Disabled

Disable transmit (TX) from the LoRa radio. Useful for hot-swapping antennas and other tests.

Defaults to false

Ignore Incoming Array

For testing it is useful sometimes to force a node to never listen to particular other nodes (simulating radio out of range). All nodenums listed in the ignore_incoming array will have packets they send droped on receive (by router.cpp)

LoRa Config Client Availability


Configuration of Region, Modem Preset and Hop Limit is available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS at Settings > Radio Configuration > LoRa.