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Critical Error Codes

The device might report these fault codes on the screen, but it will also be outputted on the device serial output. If you encounter a fault code, please post on the forum and we'll try to help.


This table is derived from the protobufs

TxWatchdog1A software bug was detected while trying to send LoRa
SleepEnterWait2A software bug was detected on entry to sleep
NoRadio3No LoRa radio hardware could be found
Unspecified4Not normally used
UBloxInitFailed5We failed while configuring a UBlox GPS
NoAXP1926This board was expected to have a power management chip and it is missing or broken
InvalidRadioSetting7The channel tried to set a radio setting which is not supported by this chipset, radio comms settings are now undefined
TransmitFailed8Radio transmit hardware failure. We sent data to the radio chip, but it did not reply with an interrupt
Brownout9We detected that the main CPU voltage dropped below the minimum acceptable value
SX1262Failure10Selftest of SX1262 radio chip failed
RadioSpiBug11A (likely software but possibly hardware) failure was detected while trying to send packets. If this occurs on your board, please post in the forum so that we can ask you to collect some information to allow fixing this bug