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Web Client Development


The Meshtastic web interface can be hosted or served from a node.

The official hosted version can be found at

The version served from a node can be accessed by first connecting your node to your network and then navigating to http://meshtastic.local (or your_node_ip.local).

Development & Building


Clone the Meshtastic Web Repo repository

git clone
cd web

Install the dependencies.

pnpm i


Build the project:

pnpm build

Start the development server:

pnpm dev


Build the project:

pnpm build

GZip the output:

pnpm package


Releases are automatically generated for every commit as per out CI. This performs two actions:

  1. Generates a perpetually updated GitHub release with an accompanying build.tar that a automatically get's pulled by the firmware CI at build time.
  2. A hosted version is deployed to