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ATAK Plugin

Official Meshtastic ATAK Plugin

Meshtastic can integrate with ATAK on Android using the Official ATAK Plugin.


The ATAK plugin does not permit any Meshtastic configuration. The plugin does three things:

  1. Binds to the IMeshService provided by the Meshtastic Android App in order to send.
  2. Intercepts all outgoing ATAK CoT via the ATAK "PreSendProcessor" Interface and sends them to the IMeshService.
  3. Listens for broadcasts from the Meshtastic Android App on the ATAK_PLUGIN portnum packets.


  1. Use the Meshtastic Android App on all parties' devices, and ensure they can talk to their local LoRa radio. Confirm they are able to achieve basic text messaging using the App.

  2. Set the device's role to TAK in the device configuration settings.

  3. Install the version of the Meshtastic ATAK-Plugin that matches the ATAK version on all participants' devices from the project's GitHub Releases.

  4. With the Meshtastic Android App running in the background (to ensure the IMeshService is alive), launch ATAK (with the Meshtastic ATAK-Plugin installed or install it once ATAK is running) and you should observe a green Meshtastic icon in the bottom right. If the icon is red, then the plugin was not able to bind to the IMeshService provided by the Meshtastic Android App. If this is the case, check to ensure the Meshtastic Android App is functioning. The plugin will reconnect after a failed bind without restarting ATAK. If you do not see a Meshtastic icon, make sure that you have installed the Meshtastic ATAK-Plugin correctly.

Standalone TAK Tracker usage

For devices with GPS available, configuring the device's role to TAK_TRACKER will allow the Meshtastic to transmit TAK PLI (Position Location Information) independently of ATAK. This data can be received and displayed within ATAK EUDs connected to a Meshtastic device and configured with the Meshtastic ATAK plugin (provided they are configured on the same Meshtastic channels).

A couple of important notes regarding this setup:

  1. The intervals and behavior of TAK PLI broadcast will honor the settings configured for the standard Position configuration in Meshtastic.

  2. The callsign sent with the PLI will appear in ATAK with the User Long Name configured for the Meshtastic device.