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RAK WisBlock Base Boards

Operation requires both a base board and a core module.


  • RAK19007 - WisBlock Base Board (2nd Generation, an upgrade to the RAK5005-O)
    • Slots
      • (x1) Core Module slot
      • (x1) WisBlock IO Module slot
      • (x4) WisBlock Sensor Module slots
    • Buttons
      • (x1) Reset Button
      • It may be possible to add a user button using the 13002 IO module.
    • Connectors
      • Connector for 3.7v LiPo battery (with charge controller)
      • Connector for 5v solar panel (max 5.5v)
      • I2C, UART, BOOT and GPIOs accessible with solder contacts
      • USB-C port for debugging and power
    • Screen Support
      • OLED screen support (OLED screen sold separately)

Further information on the RAK19007 can be found on the RAK Documentation Center.