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LoRa Antennas


Antenna Testing
Guidance for testing and using your antennas.

Antenna Reports
Community submitted SWR testing.

Antenna Selection
Considerations for choosing an antenna.

Additional Resources
Antenna designs, tools, and coverage simulators.

Community Favorites

These antennas have garnered positive feedback and frequent recommendations within our community. However, we encourage you to conduct your own research to ensure the best choice for your needs. We are not responsible for individual experiences or results.

Compact / Handheld

FrequencyModelPurchase Links
915 or 868GIZONT 17cmAliExpress
915LINX ANT-916-CW-HW-SMAMouser DigiKey
915ZIISOR TX915-JKS-20AliExpress
915CDEBYTE TX915-JKD-20 (5-pack)AliExpress
915Rabbit Labs / ZIISORAmazon US
433Rabbit Labs / ZIISORAmazon US

Base Station / Repeater

FrequencyModelPurchase Links
915Alfa AOA-915-5ACMRokland
915Rokland 32" 5.8 dBiRokland


FrequencyModelPurchase Links
915Laird MA9-5NDigiKey
915Taoglas TI.16.5F11DigiKey