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Nano Series Hardware Buttons


Nano G2 Ultra


  • User/Program Button:
    • Single press: Changes the information page displayed on the device's screen.
    • Double press: Sends an adhoc ping of the device's position to the network.
    • Long press: Will signal the device to shutdown after 5 seconds (soft off).
  • Message Read Button:
    • Single press: Clears the New Message LED.


  • Power:
    • Toggle Up: Turns on the device.
    • Toggle Down: Turns off the device.
  • Location Pin:
    • Toggle Up: Sets GPS to operating mode.
    • Toggle Down: Sets GPS to low power mode.
  • Bell:
    • Toggle Up: Selects Buzzer for Enhanced Message Notification Circuit.
    • Toggle Down: Selects LED for Enhanced Message Notification Circuit.