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Flash ESP32 Devices


The recommended method for firmware flashing is the Web-Based Installer.

Flashing Method for ESP32 Devices

  1. The Web-Based Installer requires either Chrome or Edge browsers but is an excellent choice for quickly flashing devices. This method is highly recommended for firmware flashing, especially for new users of the project, as it is easy to use.
  2. The CLI Script is considered the "manual process" for flashing firmware.
  3. Flashing your device using an external serial adapter should only be attempted as a last resort if no other method has been successful.

The web client at meshtastic.local is only updated with a full wipe and reinstall of the device. If you choose a reinstall, you will get the latest (bundled) web interface. To preserve your settings, you may export your configuration prior to a reinstall and load them back after.