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Meshtastic-python usage

An example using Python 3 code to send a message to the mesh:

import meshtasticinterface = meshtastic.SerialInterface() # By default will try to find a meshtastic device, otherwise provide a device path like /dev/ttyUSB0interface.sendText("hello mesh") # or sendData to send binary data, see documentations for other options.interface.close()

For the rough notes/implementation plan see TODO. See the API for full details of how to use the library.

A note to developers of this lib#

We use the visual-studio-code default python formatting conventions (autopep8). So if you use that IDE you should be able to use "Format Document" and not generate unrelated diffs. If you use some other editor, please don't change formatting on lines you haven't changed.

If you need to build a new release you'll need:

apt install pandocsudo pip3 install markdown pandoc webencodings pyparsing twine autopep8