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Meshtastic-python installation

This is a python library for using Meshtastic devices. This small library (and example application) provides an easy API for sending and receiving messages over mesh radios. It also provides access to any of the operations/data available in the device user interface or the Android application. Events are delivered using a publish-subscribe model, and you can subscribe to only the message types you are interested in.

Full documentation for the library, including examples, is available.

If you wish to view the code or contribute to development of the python library or the command line interface, please visit the Meshtastic python GitHub page.

Installation is easily done through the Python package installer pip (note, you must use pip version 20 or later):

  • Check that your computer has the required serial drivers installed
    • Connect your Meshtastic device to your USB port
    • Use the command
    • You should see something like CP210X USB to UART Bridge Controller
    • If not download the drivers from Silicon Labs.
  • Check that your computer has Python 3 installed.
    • Use the command
      python3 -V
    • If this does not return a version, install python
  • Pip is typically installed if you are using python 3 version >= 3.4
    • Check that pip is installed using this command
      pip3 -V
    • If this does not return a version, install pip
  • Install pytap2
    sudo pip3 install --upgrade pytap2
  • Install meshtastic:
    sudo pip3 install --upgrade meshtastic