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Remote Hardware Service

FIXME - the following are a collection of notes moved from elsewhere. We need to refactor these notes into actual documentation on the remote-hardware/GPIO service.

1.7.2. New 'no-code-IOT' mini-app

Add a new 'remote GPIO/serial port/SPI/I2C access' mini-app. This new standard app would use the MQTT messaging layer to let users (developers that don't need to write device code) do basic (potentially dangerous) operations remotely. Supported operations in the initial release

Initially supported features for no-code-IOT.

  • Set any GPIO
  • Read any GPIO Supported operations eventually

General ideas for no-code IOT.

  • Subscribe for notification of GPIO input status change (i.e. when pin goes low, send my app a message)
  • Write/read N bytes over I2C/SPI bus Y (as one atomic I2C/SPI transaction)
  • Send N bytes out serial port Z
  • Subscribe for notification for when regex X matches the bytes that were received on serial port Z