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These are preliminary notes on support for Meshtastic in the Pinetab.

A RF95 is connected via a CH341 USB-SPI chip.

Pin assignments: CS0 from RF95 goes to CS0 on CH341 DIO0 from RF95 goes to INT on CH341 RST from RF95 goes to RST on CH341

This Linux driver claims to provide USB-SPI support: Notes here on using that driver:

Or if absolutely necessary could bit bang:

Portduino tasks

Task list

  • Port meshtastic to build (under PlatformIO) for a POSIX target. spec: no screen, no GPIOs, SIM network interface, POSIX threads, POSIX semaphores & queues, IO to the console only Use ARM Linux: And Linux native:

  • Test cs341 driver - just test reading/writing a register and detecting interrupts, confirm can see rf95

  • Make a radiolib SPI module that targets the cs341 (and builds on Linux)

  • use new radiolib module to hook pinebook LoRa to meshtastic, confirm mesh discovery works

  • Make a subclass of StreamAPI that works as a POSIX TCP server

  • Use new TCP endpoint from meshtastic-python