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Remote Hardware Service


GPIO access is fundamentally dangerous because invalid options can physically damage or destroy your hardware. Ensure that you fully understand the schematic for your particular device before trying this as we do not offer a warranty. Use at your own risk.


This feature uses a preinstalled plugin in the device code and associated commandline flags/classes in the python code. You'll need to be running at least version 1.2.23 (or later) of the python and device code to use this feature.

You can get the latest python tool/library with pip3 install --upgrade meshtastic on Windows/Linux/OS-X. See the python section for more details.

Supported operations in the initial release#

  • Set any GPIO
  • Read any GPIO
  • Receive notification of changes in any GPIO.


To prevent access from untrusted users you must first make a gpio channel that is used for authenticated access to this feature. You'll need to install this channel on both the local and remote node.

The procedure using the python command line tool is:

  1. Connect local device via USB
  2. Create a GPIO channel
    meshtastic --ch-add gpio
  3. Check the channel has been created and copy the long "Complete URL" that contains all the channels on that device.
    meshtastic --info
  4. Connect the remote device via USB (or use the remote admin feature to reach it through the mesh)
  5. Set it to join the GPIO channel you created
    meshtastic --seturl theurlyoucopiedinstep3

Now both devices can talk over the gpio channel.

Doing GPIO operations#

You can programmatically do operations from your own python code by using the meshtastic RemoteHardwareClient class. See the python API documentation for more details.

Using GPIOs from the python CLI#

Writing a GPIO

Expected output
$ meshtastic  --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --gpio-wrb 4 1 --dest \!28979058 Connected to radioWriting GPIO mask 0x10 with value 0x10 to !28979058

Reading a GPIO

Expected output
$ meshtastic --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --gpio-rd 0x10 --dest \!28979058 Connected to radioReading GPIO mask 0x10 from !28979058GPIO read response gpio_value=16

Watching for GPIO changes:

Expected output
$ meshtastic --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --gpio-watch 0x10 --dest \!28979058 Connected to radioWatching GPIO mask 0x10 from !28979058Received RemoteHardware typ=GPIOS_CHANGED, gpio_value=16Received RemoteHardware typ=GPIOS_CHANGED, gpio_value=0Received RemoteHardware typ=GPIOS_CHANGED, gpio_value=16< press ctrl-c to exit >