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Ham Operators

(This written US only, may be applicable elsewhere)

Meshtastic can be used by both unlicensed people and licensed operators.

Having a ham radio license grants you addition privilages and restrictions.

Additional privilages

  • Additional power
  • Higher gain antennas


  • Unencrypted
  • Identified with your ID

Let's do it!

Remember, by doing this you are self certifying that you are licensed operate in the mode you have chosen. Failure to comply with your local regulations may result in fines.

Use the Python CLI

Meshtastic is designed to be used without a radio operator license. If you do have a license you can set your operator ID and turn off encryption with the Python CLI:

Expected Output
# You should see a result similar to this:
mydir$ meshtastic --port /dev/ttyUSB1 --set-ham KI1345
Connected to radio
Setting Ham ID to KI1345 and turning off encryption
Writing modified channels to device