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Power Management State Machine

Long battery life is one of the main goals of this project. Based on initial measurements, the current code should run for about three days between charging (assuming using a t-beam with a 3500mAh 18650 battery). This will hopefully be increased to around eight days in the future.


From lower to higher power consumption.

  • Super-Deep-Sleep (SDS) - Everything is off, CPU, radio, Bluetooth, and GPS. It only wakes due to timer or button press. We enter this mode only after no radio comms for a few hours - used to put the device into what is effectively "off" mode.
    • onEntry: setBluetoothOn(false), call doDeepSleep
    • onExit: (standard bootup code, starts in DARK)
  • Deep-Sleep (DS) - CPU is off, radio is on, Bluetooth and GPS are off. Note: This mode is never used currently, because it only saves 1.5mA vs Light-Sleep - (Not currently used).
  • Light-Sleep (LS) - CPU is suspended (RAM stays alive), radio is on, Bluetooth is off, and GPS is off. Note: currently GPS is not turned off during light sleep, but there is a TODO item to fix this.
    • NOTE: On NRF52 platforms (because CPU current draw is so low), light-sleep state is never used.
    • onEntry: setBluetoothOn(false), setGPSPower(false), doLightSleep()
    • onIdle: (if we wake because our led blink timer has expired) blink the led then go back to sleep until we sleep for ls_secs
    • onExit: setGPSPower(true), start trying to get GPS lock: gps.startLock(), once lock arrives service.sendPosition(BROADCAST)
  • No Bluetooth (NB) - CPU is running, radio is on, GPS is on, Bluetooth is off, and screen is off.
    • onEntry: setBluetoothOn(false)
    • onExit:
  • Running Dark (DARK) - Everything is on except screen.
    • onEntry: setBluetoothOn(true)
    • onExit:
  • Serial API usage (SERIAL) - Screen is on, device doesn't sleep, and Bluetooth is off.
    • onEntry: setBluetooth off, screen on
    • onExit:
  • Full On (ON) - Everything is on, can eventually timeout and transition to a lower power state.
    • onEntry: setBluetoothOn(true), screen.setOn(true)
    • onExit: screen->setOn(false)
  • Has Power (POWER) - Screen is on, device doesn't sleep, Bluetooth on, and will stay in this state as long as we have power.
    • onEntry: setBluetooth off, screen on
    • onExit: