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ATAK Forwarder


This is a community project maintained by @paulmandal. Development can be followed on GitHub. Support should be sought from the respective authors.


The ATAK Forwarder plugin has recently been updated to support Meshtastic 2.0.6+ but is currently a pre-release version to allow for additional testing to be completed.

  • After installing you need to open the Meshtastic app and click the add device "+" so it will ask for Bluetooth permissions.

The ATAK Forwarder plugin requires the Meshtastic Android app to be installed.

This is a plugin for ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit) that uses Meshtastic to provide off-grid communications. This includes plotting the position of others on the map, transmission of markers and routes, and chat messages.

ATAK Module

  • A walk-through on how to set up ATAK.
  • The module source is available on GitHub, along with instructions for setting it up, and the latest Releases.