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1.2 Plugin Configuration

Modules are included in the firmware and allow users to extend the functionality of their mesh or device.

The list of current modules is as follows:

Canned Message PluginSet a number of predefined messages to send out directly from the device with the use of an input device like a rotary encoder.
External Notification PluginIncoming messages are able to alert you using circuits you attach to the device (LEDs, Buzzers, etc)
Rotary Encoder PluginAttach and define input devices such as external keyboards and rotary encoders.
Range Test PluginSend messages with GPS location at an interval to test the distance your devices can communicate. Requires (at least) one device set up as a sender and one as a receiver. The receiver(s) will log all incoming messages to a CSV.
Serial PluginSend messages across the mesh by sending strings over a serial port.
Store and Forward PluginSet a designated node to store messages and resend them to nodes with intermittent connection to a mesh.
Telemetry PluginAttach sensors to the device and transmit readings on a regular interval to the mesh.

Once Plugin settings are changed, a reset is required for them to take effect.