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Module Configuration

Modules are included in the firmware and allow users to extend the functionality of their mesh or device.

Audioenable Support for Codec2 Voice Comms on certain devices
Canned MessageSet a number of predefined messages to send out directly from the device with the use of an input device like a rotary encoder.
External NotificationIncoming messages are able to alert you using circuits you attach to the device (LEDs, Buzzers, etc)
MQTTForward packets along to an MQTT server. This allows users on the local mesh to communicate with users on another mesh over the internet.
Range TestSend messages with GPS location at an interval to test the distance your devices can communicate. Requires (at least) one device set up as a sender and one as a receiver. The receiver(s) will log all incoming messages to a CSV.
Serial ModuleSend messages across the mesh by sending strings over a serial port.
TelemetryAttach sensors to the device and transmit readings on a regular interval to the mesh.
TracerouteTrack which nodes are used to hop a message to a certain destination.