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Display Configuration

The display config options are: Screen On Duration, Auto Carousel Interval, and GPS Format. Display config uses an admin message sending a Config.Display protobuf.

Device Config Values

Screen On Duration

How long the screen remains on after the user button is pressed or messages are received.

Automatically toggles to the next page on the screen like a carousel, based the specified interval.

GPS Format

The format used to display GPS coordinates on the device screen.

Acceptable values:

gpsFormatDecDecimal Degrees
gpsFormatDmsDegrees Minutes Seconds
gpsFormatUtmUniversal Transverse Mercator
gpsFormatMgrsMilitary Grid Reference System
gpsFormatOlcOpen Location Code (Plus Codes)
gpsFormatOsgrOrdnance Survey Grid Reference

Device Config Client Availability


All display config options are available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS at Settings > Radio Configuration > Display.