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Device Configuration

The device config options are: Role, Serial Output, Debug Log, NTP Server and Factory Reset. Device config uses an admin message sending a Config.Device protobuf.

Device Config Values


Sets the role of node.

Acceptable values:

clientClient (default) - App connected client.
clientMuteClient Mute - Same as a client except packets will not hop over this node, does not contribute to routing packets for mesh.
routerRouter - Mesh packets will prefer to be routed over this node. This node will not be used by client apps. The wifi/ble radios and the oled screen will be put to sleep.
routerClientRouter Client - Mesh packets will prefer to be routed over this node. The Router Client can be used as both a Router and an app connected Client.

Serial Console

Acceptable values: true or false

On by default. If set to true this will disable the serial console by not initilizing the StreamAPI.

Debug Log

Acceptable values: true or false

By default we turn off logging as soon as an API client connects Set this to true to leave the debug log outputting even when API is active.

NTP Server

Acceptable value: string

NTP server to use if WiFi is conneced, defaults to

Factory Reset

Acceptable values: true or false

This setting is never saved to disk, but if set, all device settings will be returned to factory defaults.

Device Config Client Availability


All device config options other than NTP Server are available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS at Settings > Radio Configuration > Device.