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RAK WisBlock

The RAK WisBlock is a low power modular hardware system that can be used to build Meshtastic devices. Soldering is only required for the optional OLED screen.

RAK Wireless currently sell a Meshtastic Starter kit that has the minimum you need to get started. If you wish to purchase parts separately, you will need a base board, a core 4631 LPWAN module, and optionally a GPS Sensor, screen or other module to build a Meshtastic device. Please ensure you choose the correct operating frequency for your country when purchasing.

Please see the RAK documentation for the correct way to connect your hardware to ensure that you do not damage the device. There is currently no pin required to pair RAK devices via BLE.

RAK base boards

RAK5005-O - The original WisBlock Base Board

  • Reset button
  • OLED screen support (OLED screen sold separately)
  • Connector for 3.7v LiPo battery (with charge controller)
  • Connector for 5v solar panel (max 5.5v)
  • 1x Core Module slot
  • 1x WisBlock IO Module slot
  • 4x WisBlock Sensor Module slots
  • I2C, UART, GPIOs and analog input accessible with solder contacts
  • Micro USB port for debugging and power

Further information on the RAK5005-O can be found on the RAK Documentation Center.

It may be possible to add a user button using the 13002 IO module.

RAK4631 5005

Flashing the firmware is a simple process. Connect your device to your computer via USB, click the reset button twice, and a drive will appear. On Windows, Linux, or Mac, drag the appropriate .uf2 firmware file onto the root of the drive and the device will restart and the firmware will be updated. Or, you can use Meshtastic-flasher. RAK have also provided Installation instructions for Meshtastic.

Core Module

There are two core modules supported by Meshtastic:

The main supported code is the WisBlock LPWAN Module RAK4631.
(Please note this is different to the RAK4631-R which uses different firmware incompatible with Meshtastic).

  • nRF52840 microprocessor - Bluetooth BLE 5.0 and very low power consumption
  • SX1262 - LoRa transceiver
  • Frequency options:
    • 433 MHz
    • 470 MHz
    • 799 MHz
    • 865 MHz
    • 868 MHz
    • 915 MHz
    • 920 MHz
    • 923 MHz
  • U.FL antenna connector
RAK4631 Core Module

Further information on the RAK4631 can be found on the RAK Documentation Center.


There are currently two different screens supported by the RAK WisBlock system:

The RAK1921 OLED display is a 0.96 inch monocrome display.

  • 0.96 inch OLED display
  • Resolution 128 x 64 pixels
  • I2C interface

This item requires soldering.
Further information on the RAK1921 can be found on the RAK Documentation Center.
Similar modules are widely available from other suppliers, but do check the boards as some have the VDD and GND pins swapped round.

0.96 inch OLED display

Supported modules

To add a GPS to the RAK5005-O base board, you need the RAK1910 GPS sensor. It is supported on slot A of the 5005 board via UART.

  • uBlox MAX-7Q GPS module
  • GPS and GLONASS satelite support

Further information on the RAK1910 can be found on the RAK Documentation Center.

To add a GPS to the RAK19003 base board, you need the RAK12500 GPS sensor. It is supported via I2C on slot B for firmware versions 1.49 and above.

  • uBlox Zoe-M8Q GNSS receiver
  • GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and BeiDou satelite support

Further information on the RAK12500 can be found on the RAK Documentation Center.

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