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We currently support devices that use the ESP32 and the nRF52 microcontrollers. Both of these offer low power consumption and long battery life, but each come with their own advantages:


The ESP32 devices have the advantage of having a Wifi interface. This allows you to connect to an access point, or run the device as an access point, and host the web interface.

The following ESP32 devices are supported:


Supported but not encouraged:

  • Lilygo TTGO T-Beam - version 0.7 -- Very old, no power management chip, difficulty with GPS module and is freqeuntly confused with other devices.


The nRF52 devices have the advantage of a Bluetooth 5.0 implementation. This allows for very low power Bluetooth connections to be maintained without having to wake the microprocessor up at regular intervals. Unfortunately, the nRF52 devices do not have Wifi built in, meaning that currently you cannot use the web interface with these devices.

The following nRF52 devices are currently supported: