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Convert RAK4631-R to RAK4631

Running Meshtastic on RAK WisBlock NRF52 based boards relies on the avaliability of the Arduono bootloader.

This process only needs to be performed once

This conversion requires the use of either a DAPLink or J-Link. The most reasonably priced and avaliable is the RAKDAP1.

  1. Install Python
  2. Install pyOCD
pip3 install pyocd
  1. Download the required bootloader: WisCore_RAK4631_Board_Bootloader.hex
  2. Connect the RAKDAP as follows:
  3. Flash the bootloader
pyocd flash -t nrf52840 .\WisCore_RAK4631_Board_Bootloader.hex
  1. Continue with the normal instructions

Alternate methods of flashing are outlined here.