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Connect to Clients


There are many ways to connect to your newly flashed device. Below is a quickstart for each client that you can use to connect to your radio.

Commandline Interface (CLI)

The CLI is currently the best way to manage your settings. It is feature rich and well documented. The settings pages have examples for each user preference for the device. The CLI is available as a standalone executable for Windows, Mac OS or linux or as part of the Meshtastic-python project. If you'd like to use python to interface with a device, see the API documentation.


To install the prebuilt binary refer to: Meshtastic-python standalone executable.

To install/upgrade Meshtastic-python manually, see below:

Install Meshtastic-python (includes CLI)
pip install meshtastic
Upgrade Meshtastic-python (includes CLI)
pip install --upgrade meshtastic

Some installations of python may require you to substitute 'pip3' for the 'pip' command.

Verify Connection

After installing, run one of the following commands to see if the device is communicating correctly.

View connected node info
meshtastic --info
View nodes detected on mesh
meshtastic --nodes

For more details about CLI usage, see the settings pages or CLI guide.

Mobile Client Downloads


Using your preferred program (PuTTy, Serial, etc) connect to your device with the following settings to see the logs in real time.

BaudrateData BitsParityStop Bits


The web interface is available for all browsers, but bluetooth and serial capabilities are limited. You can connect to your node using:

The Meshtastic firmware incorporates an embedded web server using the ESP32 HTTPS Server project. This allows the WiFi supporting ESP32 devices to run our web interface to access Meshtastic directly from your browser. This imports the Meshtastic.js library to provide a web page capable of interacting with the device.

There is active development ongoing to fix some issues with updating the web interface from the web interface directly. Please be patient with us as we work on this. Use Meshtastic-flasher to update your device to the current stable build which includes the web interface.