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FAQs - Channel


What is a Meshtastic Channel?

This is the LoRa channel you're broadcasting on, the modem configuration (spreading factor, bandwidth and error correction), along with a special identifier for your group, and optional encryption.

What is a LoRa channel?

This is the LoRa frequency within the frequency band your device is configured to use.

How do I share my Meshtastic Channel with other people?

Your Meshtastic client (Android, Web, or Python) will provide you a URL or QR code. You can email, text or print this URL or QR code and share it with people you want to join your Meshtastic Channel. Note: This feature is not yet available on the iOS app.

What is a Primary Channel?

This is the first channel that's created for you when you initially setup your Meshtastic Channel.

What is a Secondary Channel?

As this is a new feature, secondary channels work on the device and the Python Script. Support for secondary channels by other clients is pending.