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All of Meshtastic's code and documentation is hosted on GitHub. If you would like to contribute to the project, having a GitHub account is an important step to doing so.

Set up GitHub account

README Template

All Meshtastic developers should follow this convention when writing a README for a repository.

Repobeats images can be generated at

# Repo name

<!--Project specific badges here-->
<!--Crowdin Badge can be generated from<project_id>/crowdsource -->

[![CLA assistant](<repo>)](<repo>)
[![Fiscal Contributors](](

## Overview

A description about the project

**[Getting Started Guide](**

**[Documentation/API Reference](**

## Stats

<!--Repobeats image here-->

<!--If the repository is a library, include this section-->

## Installation & Usage

<!--You may optionally include brief install/update instructions here-->

<!--Any other pertinent sections-->

### Compatibility