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1.2 Power Settings


Power settings on a Meshtastic device can be set like other user-define settings with the --set command see (see Meshtastic-python). Some of these options are implicit in other commands. For example, when you set the device to router mode using is_router true, it is implied that deep sleep is disabled and we want to constantly listen for messages. Below is a list of all user-definable settings and the acceptable values that these settings can use.


SettingAcceptable ValuesDefault
charge_currentMAUnset, MA100, MA190, MA280, MA360, MA450, MA550, MA630, MA700, MA780, MA880, MA960, MA1000, MA1080, MA1160, MA1240, MA1320:MAUnset
is_always_poweredtrue, falsefalse
is_low_powertrue, falsefalse
is_routertrue, falsefalse
ls_secsinteger (seconds)0
mesh_sds_timeout_secsinteger (seconds)0
min_wake_secsinteger (seconds)0
on_battery_shutdown_after_secsinteger (seconds)0
phone_timeout_secsinteger (seconds)0
screen_on_secsinteger (seconds)0
sds_secsinteger (seconds)0
wait_bluetooth_secsinteger (seconds)0

When you change the following settings to 0 they assume the following defaults:

  • ls_secs: 1 hour
  • mesh_sds_timeout_secs: 2 hours
  • min_wake_secs: 10 seconds
  • phone_timeout_secs: 15 minutes
  • screen_on_secs: 1 minute
  • sds_secs: 1 year
  • wait_bluetooth_secs: 1 minute


Sets the current of the battery charger.

Specify charge_current

Unset charge current
meshtastic --set  charge_current MAUnset
Set charge current
meshtastic --set  charge_current MA100


Circumvents the logic block for determining whether the device is powered or not. Useful for devices with finicky ADC issues on the battery sense pins.

Enable/Disable is_always_powered

Enable is_always_powered
meshtastic --set is_always_powered true
Disable is_always_powered
meshtastic --set is_always_powered false


If set, we are powered from a low-current source (i.e. solar), so even if it looks like we have power flowing in we should try to minimize power consumption as much as possible.


You do not need to set this if you've set is_router (it is implied in that case).

Enable/Disable is_low_power

Enable is_low_power
meshtastic --set is_low_power true
Disable is_low_power
meshtastic --set is_low_power false


Are we operating as a router. Changes behavior in the following ways: The device will only sleep for critically low battery level (i.e. always tries to stay alive for the mesh) In the future routing decisions will preferentially route packets through nodes with this attribute (because assumed good line of sight).

Enable/Disable is_router

Enable is_router
meshtastic --set is_router true
Disable is_router
meshtastic --set is_router false


0 for default of 3600.

Configure ls_secs

Set ls_secs to default (1 hour/3600 seconds)
meshtastic --set ls_secs 0
Set ls_secs to 120 seconds
meshtastic --set ls_secs 120


0 for default of two hours, use the MAXUINT or 4294967295 to disable.

Configure mesh_sds_timeout_secs

Set mesh_sds_timeout_secs to default (2 hour/7200 seconds)
meshtastic --set mesh_sds_timeout_secs 0
Set mesh_sds_timeout_secs to 120 seconds
meshtastic --set mesh_sds_timeout_secs 120
Disable mesh_sds_timeout_secs (using MAXUINT)
meshtastic --set mesh_sds_timeout_secs 4294967295


0 for default of 10 seconds.

Configure min_wake_secs

Set min_wake_secs to default (10 seconds)
meshtastic --set min_wake_secs 0
Set min_wake_secs to 120 seconds
meshtastic --set min_wake_secs 120


If non-zero, the device will fully power off this many seconds after external power is removed.

Enable/Disable on_battery_shutdown_after_secs

Disable on_battery_shutdown_after_secs
meshtastic --set on_battery_shutdown_after_secs 0
Set device to shutdown after 120 seconds on battery
meshtastic --set on_battery_shutdown_after_secs 120


0 for default of 15 minutes.

Configure phone_timeout_secs

Set phone_timeout_secs to default (15 minutes)
meshtastic --set phone_timeout_secs 0
Set phone_timeout_secs to 120 seconds
meshtastic --set phone_timeout_secs 120


  • Greater than Meshtastic 1.3 - 0 for default of 10 minutes
  • Less than Meshtastic v1.3 - 0 for default of 1 minute

Configure screen_on_secs

Set screen_on_secs to default (1 minute)
meshtastic --set screen_on_secs 0
Set screen_on_secs to 120 seconds
meshtastic --set screen_on_secs 120


0 for default of one year.

Configure sds_secs

Set sds_secs to default (1 year)
meshtastic --set sds_secs 0
Set sds_secs to 120 seconds
meshtastic --set sds_secs 120


0 for default of 1 minute.

Configure wait_bluetooth_secs

Set wait_bluetooth_secs to default (60 seconds)
meshtastic --set wait_bluetooth_secs 0
Set wait_bluetooth_secs to 120 seconds
meshtastic --set wait_bluetooth_secs 120