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1.2 Miscellaneous Settings



SettingAcceptable ValuesDefault
auto_screen_carousel_secsinteger (seconds)0
debug_log_enabledtrue, falsefalse
factory_resettrue, falsefalse
ignore_incomingstring – list of node nums to ignore0
serial_disabledtrue, falsefalse

Automatically toggles to the next page on the screen like a carousel, based the specified interval in seconds. Potentially useful for devices without user buttons.

Set auto_screen_carousel_secs to default
meshtastic --set auto_screen_carousel_secs 0
Set auto_screen_carousel_secs to 120 seconds
meshtastic --set auto_screen_carousel_secs 120


By default we turn off logging as soon as an API client connects (to keep shared serial link quiet and save bandwidth). Set this to true to leave the debug log outputting even when API is active.

Enable/Disable Debug Log

Enable debug log
meshtastic --set debug_log_enabled true
Disable debug log
meshtastic --set debug_log_enabled false


This setting is never saved to disk, but if set, all device settings will be returned to factory defaults. (Region, serial number etc... will be preserved)

Factory reset

Example - Factory reset
meshtastic --set factory_reset true


If true, radio should not try to be smart about what packets to queue to the phone bool keep_all_packets = 101; If true, we will try to capture all the packets sent on the mesh, not just the ones destined to our node. bool promiscuous_mode = 102; For testing it is useful sometimes to force a node to never listen to particular other nodes (simulating radio out of range). All nodenums listed in ignore_incoming will have packets they send dropped on receive (by router.cpp)

Enable/Disable ignore_incoming

Enable ignore_incoming
meshtastic --set ignore_incoming true
Disable ignore_incoming
meshtastic --set ignore_incoming false


If set, this will disable the SerialConsole by not initializing the StreamAPI.

Enable/Disable Serial

Enable serial
meshtastic --set serial_disabled false
Disable serial
meshtastic --set serial_disabled true


Overrides the default number of hops a message will be passed. If not set, will default to 3 hops.


Meshtastic allows a maximum of 7 hops (this is a limit of the protocol). Setting a hop_limit of greater than 7 will be replaced with 7 on the device.

Configure hop_limit

Set hop_limit to default (3 hops)
meshtastic --set hop_limit 0
Set hop_limit to max (7 hops)
meshtastic --set hop_limit 7