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Version 1.2 End of life (EOL)

Meshtastic 1.2 was a beta version that has been superceded by 1.3. Version 1.2 is fundamentally incompatible with any 1.3 versions of device firmware, flashing utilities, or client applications.

While 1.2 is end of life, it may continue to be useful for certain networks with Android only users, or users of ATAK until the forwarder is updated.

  • Last 1.2 Python api version install: pip install meshtastic==1.2.95
  • Final 1.2 Meshtastic Flasher install: pip install meshtastic-flasher==1.0.106 (Do not attempt to install 1.3.x firmware with this release)
  • Final 1.2 Device Firmware
  • Final 1.2 Android App