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Meshtastic Logo

Meshtastic 2.0 ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

After 9 months in the making, we present to you the next milestone for the Meshtastic project.

As a part of the launch event, we are running a number of giveaways, so jump in and win some prizes.

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Meshtastic is the neatest open source project I've ever seen!

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A brief overview of all the changes and improvements

Monumental stuff!

  • Completely new LoRA band plan with faster messaging
  • Smarter and more reliable mesh routing
  • Unlimited nodes* (80 Connected at a time, oldest node will be removed when a new node joins the mesh)
  • New messaging additions: waypoints, reactions (tap-backs), and telemetry
  • Improvements for Canned Messages module and CardKB messaging for stand alone communicator devices
  • Sensor, Screen, and Input device auto-detection
  • New devices supported (6 new targets!)
  • Added over the air bluetooth updates for NRF devices (RAK-4631)
  • Ethernet support via RAK-13800
  • Compass improvements for larger screens and customizations
  • Nerd stuff!

  • New filesystem for ESP32 (LittleFS)
  • Upgraded Arduino framework for both NRF52 and ESP32
  • New bluetooth stack for ESP32 (NimBLE)
  • Unified GPS stack now using NMEA
  • Support for more I2C sensors
  • Support for ATECCA608B Cryptographic Coprocessor
  • More Serial module I/O modes
  • JSON messages over MQTT
  • Device codebase refactored and optimized in many areas
  • Completely restructured protobufs and configuration
  • Active Nodes
    A Lot!
    Community Members
    Firmware Commits
    Community Donations

    All made possible by the amazing companies that support us.

    Running a project of this scale is no easy feat, without the generosity of many of our vendors and providers, none of this would be possible.

    RAK Wireless
    Open Collective

    Congratulations to the winners!